Janne Paalijärvi, running for Espoo city council, number 642

Janne Paalijärvi, running for Espoo city council, number 642

(Finnish version)

I'm Janne Paalijärvi, a soon-to-be Master of Science (tech.). I was born in 1982 and I currently reside in Espoo Leppävaara. I study Computer Science in Aalto University. I work as an embedded systems software developer in private sector. My hobbies include also various kinds of technical stuff like administrating Linux installations, firewalls, NAS servers and virtual machines. Every now and then I have the time to sit down and enjoy a quality game.

I believe that the most important task of the state is to take care of the citizens liberties and security. I don't believe in nanny state. People should be encouraged to critical thinking and usage of statistical information and science.

Communal elections platform 2017

City councils need transparency!

The Länsimetro / West Subway project has been a disaster of leadership. Constant lack of transparency has plaqued the project from day one: citizens have been denied various kinds of information, especially about timetables. This game ends here! Especially in big projects like the citizens have right at all points see where, when and how their tax money is being used.

The politicians in Espoo have purpsedly misled the citizens by forming a dedicated Länsimetro Oy corporation, which enables them to hide behind the Limited Liability Companies Act. They constantly use sorry excuses in hiding information. Absolutely disgraceful.

Mold schools must be fixed, for good!

Espoo schools have a lot of air problems, including mold problems. The decision makers in Espoo should have taken a firm action in the problems introduced. Sadly, it is becoming late; the distress of children, homes, and teaching personel is very real. It is wrong that pupils are kept in foul-aired classrooms to get sick. In the worst case this leads to life-long illness, which is both a great personal tragedy, but also costs a lot for the society. What kind of city gives their 10 year old children asthma as a birthday gift? There is something really wrong going on in Espoo.

Mold schools cannot be repaired. Patch-on-patch method simply does not work. It is best to just bulldoze the whole thing and start with clean canvas. Lets give a finger to energy conservation requirements if we can this way prevent even one ouf our children from getting sick!

High construction is a possibility

Tight construction layout in Espoo should not be a spook. Instead, it should be a possibility. City can grow upwards too. It goes without a saying that every project should have a thorough pre-evaluation, where all citizens can be heard. Calls for abolishing the right to appeal is total rubbish; it should be always possible to appeal on official decisions.


My blog (in Finnish): http://usvi.puheenvuoro.uusisuomi.fi/

My Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/paalijarvi

My Twitter account: https://twitter.com/paalijarvi

My Google Plus profile: https://plus.google.com/+JannePaalijarvi

My GitHub profile: https://github.com/usvi

YLE candidate page 2017: https://vaalikone.yle.fi/kuntavaalit2017/espoo/ehdokkaat/18165

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